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Vancouver’s self-styled ‘Lobster Guy’, Fabian Bates, he has spent 45 years in the lobster business.

He started fishing with his dad, Pat Bates, as a toddler in Main-A-Dieu , Nova Scotia in 1974 and continued through high school, getting up at 3:15 a.m. each day and hauling traps until it was time to go to school, and then hauling more traps in the evenings. As payment for his weekly work on his dads lobster boat, Pat would pay Fabian with lobster and it was up to him to sell the lobster for whatever money he could get – little did Pat know he was giving him the training he would use the rest of his life.

Fast forward to 1994, with a move across the country to look for work, Bates found the price of lobster was quite a bit higher here in BC than the price back on the east coast.  So it began – it all started with a small recirculating system in the garage of a rented house on Renfrew Street in Vancouver, then a move to the North Shore, then finally to Port Moody 20 Years later. The current location is at 3009 Murray Street Port Moody and this is where he has been using his dads training the past 7 years.  At this location he can hold up to 3000 lbs of live lobster in his recirculating tanks.  “Nothing is in my tanks for more than a week – I get it in, I move it out”.

I'm Proud of My Experience

“I am pretty happy and lucky to be doing something that I love for work for the past 45 years and counting”
Restaurants from all over the lower mainland put their orders in daily and fresh live Nova Scotia lobster gets delivered the next day, as if they we getting it off the docks.

The lobster that Bates imports comes from Family and friends all over the Maritimes so the quality and control is closely monitored so that his customers are getting nothing but the best.

What We Sell

The lobster that Sing Lobster imports comes from a family supplier in Nova Scotia.

On the east coast when the lobster in brought to the wharfs and sold to the buyer.  This lobster is taken back to the tank house where it is sorted accordingly to weight and quality.  The Lobster we import comes in 1lb, 1.25lb, 1.5lb, 2lb, and 2-3lb sizes. The lobster protein is also measured, this will tell the quality of the lobster and how it will ship. Lobster also gets graded according to the hardness of the shell, soft shell lobster does goes directly to the processor back east. Only hard shell lobster is imported by Sing Lobster.

Who We Serve

Sing lobster sells lobster to the restaurants and the public.

Restaurants put their orders in daily and are delivered the next day all over the lower mainland. The public can also come to the warehouse on Murray street and pick out of the tanks that one particular lobster that looks just right for cooking! We even throw in free lobster bibs!

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Our service is as fresh as our lobster! Give us a call or stop by and find the perfect lobster, ready to cook. Bibs are on us.


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